The Okmoniks

Well with the disappointing news that Be Your Own Pet has called it quits, someone has to keep the garage grrrl flame lit, and lucky enough The Okmoniks are around to do just that. While vocalist Helene's seen a few more years than Jemina's paltry 18, this only adds to the wit and ferocity of her delivery. Aside from the BYOP comparisons the band shares a strikingly scrappy aesthetic (and more than a few stages) with fellow RSTB fave Nobunny and thus it should come as no surprise that Senior Bunny himself is among The Ok's ranks. The band even throws in a version of one of his songs on the album (or is it the other way around, who knows?) Anyhow this is just one more ripped shred of garage fun that's tumbled its way onto my speakers this year and I couldn't be more relieved. As deliciously lo-fi as an impromptu BBQ show and as fitting of the title Party Fever!!! as any album I've come across this year.

[MP3] The Okmoniks - Rustle Up Some Action
[MP3] The Okmoniks - What I Want

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Blogger Charles C Stirk Jr said...

Love it I feel 14 again

10:22 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Agreed, this shit is super super great.

11:53 PM  

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