Max Richter

The concept behind Max Richter's latest album is probably 6 times as complex as the recordings themselves. Apparently conceived as a an experimental work intended to use ringtones as a legitimate medium in performance, 24 Postcards in Full Color is comprised of 24 tracks whose lengths rarely exceed one minute. While that concept may sound daunting at best, the result is actually a very natural album that comes a long way from sounding like a tinny version of Rhianna's "Umbrella" as heard from the pocket of the guy across from you on the bus. The 24 tracks act as short classical vignettes steeped in Richter's usual mix of simple string and piano work cut intermittently with static and atmospheric radiance; in short it sounds akin to much of Richter's work but in short bursts that leave you inevitably wanting more. Though in all truth the album plays less like 24 separate tracks as it does like one long changing dream sequence; rain splashed and hued in sepia and olive tones. Richter's long been a forerunner in the neo-classical/electronic hybrid and 24 Postcards will only serve to strengthen his mastery of the genre. A beautiful record that will only get more appropriate as the weather turns colder in the coming months.

[MP3] Max Richter - Berlin By Overnight
[MP3] Max Richter - From 553 W Elm Street. Logan Illinois (Snow)

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