Mac Blackout

This year seems to be mounting in releases that straddle lo-fi garage and lo-fi synth pop; mixing the two styles into a queasy mix of trash bin beats and scratched glass guitars. Though Sacred Bones has been the most prevalent purveyor of this sound they don't have a lock on it just yet. That is until they put out a Mac Blackout record. Mac's already two releases deep into 2008 and the latest The Rabid Babies is on par with much of that label's output. Mac's no newcomer though, he's been kicking around with a few bands such as The Functional Blackouts and Daily Void but these recent recordings really let Mac shine on his own. The Rabid Babies compiles tracks from before and after his S/T record from earlier this year. More in the vein of Dead Luke than Blank Dogs here, the pop influences push forward and stand out in even keel with the chrome delivery of strangulated guitar and click track Casios. Fried wires and reverbed static swirl like storms around Blackout's nihilistic pop but at the core his songs still seek to entertain, even if the only listeners are hidden in the scorched cliffs of a barren earth.

[MP3] Mac Blackout - Who's Gonna Set The Fire
[MP3] Mac Blackout - Darlin' Don't You See

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