La Otracina

Taking up ranks and waving the space rock flag high and heavy, La Otracina have now added a new twist to their pallette of instrumental prog as drummer Adam Kriney picks up vocal duties. They've had a slew of releases since I last caught up with them, mostly on their own imprint Colour Sounds, and The Risk of Gravitation is every bit as heavy as I remember them on their Holy Mountain debut. The instrumental passages still sound the most assured, being the band's familiar territory but the vocals are coming along nicely especially on the epic "Crystal Wizards of the Cosmic Weird" which takes a few cues from none other than Sabbath in the lyrical department with a doomrider's penchant for imagery. Though definitely taking a few musical nods from Sabbath and friends (Hawkwind being probably the other most prominent touchstone) the band also share a motorik connection with present day psych behemoths like Wooden Shjips (with whom I've seen them share an incredible bill). New guitarist Philippe Ortanez has stepped into the set seamlessly, creating just as much chaos as ever inhabited their previous work. All things considered I think I'll have to be paying more attention to the band's constant stream of releases from now on.

[MP3] La Otracina - Raze the Sky

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These dudes are far out!

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