In the mid 60's it seemed that every British rock musician had a bit of a love affair with the American bred blues and thus spawned an era of British blues that rang out from the garage to the stadium. The Jukebox this week rounds up a few garage-blues classics and even some larger contenders.

[MP3] The Birds - You're On My Mind
Another great rip of garage blues from The Birds here. Snotty British youth in check with a swagger and a snarl of guitar that plows over the steady walk of the rhythm section. There are very few Birds tunes that don't fit the criteria for a great late night burner and this is no exception.

[MP3] Measles - Fly Birdie, Fly
The perplexingly named Measles also pay a visit to the garage floor and with some pretty strong harmonica chops they cut through this down and dirty cut of blues. The kid on vocals probably hasn't come within a thousand miles of the Mississippi delta but that doesn't stop him from translating teen angst into a delightful concoction of blues rollick. I've heard little else from this band but to tell you the truth this might be all I need.

[MP3] Muleskinners - Need Your Lovin'
Again, can't vouch for the name here but at least it sounds like a band that should be playing the blues. This has a definite garage beat pushing it along but the harp pushes it right over into the blues' corner and you couldn't ask for better material than pining over love. A pretty decent shot all around here.

[MP3] The Yardbirds - I'm a Man
Well this probably doesn't fall under the lost classic header as I'm pretty sure The Yardbirds have a few fans out there (you think?) but tipping the hat to British Blues just seems like a good opportunity to hear the boys tear through this Muddy Waters classic. Of course most members of the band went on to more notoriety but right here they had the mix just perfect.

[MP3] Santa Barbara Machine Head - Porcupine Juice
Speaking of bands whose members went on to other things, the short lived and mostly live band Santa Barbara Machine Head acted as a bit staging area for talent and almost all members split before the band got much notoriety. Featuring Jon Lord of Deep Purple, Ronnie Wood of The Birds, Twink Adler of The Pretty Things, etc., and Kim Gardener of The Creation. With that line up it couldn't really help but be good but I guess too much talent in one place is a bit unstable.
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