The Hospitals

With the current rise of members Rod Meyer and Rob Enbom's latest fried pop enclave, Eat Skull, the time seems poised for a reintroduction to the womb they sprang from. The Hospitals return with noise aplomb, knocking the lo-fi noise floor down a few pegs into a subbasement of clatter and squall. But while the instruments are more shredded than ever, Hairdryer Peace actually showcases the clearest vocal delivery by Adam Stonehouse yet, which doesn't mean you can actually sing along but every once in a while a couple of lyrics emerge from the storm of feedback and squelch. It's been a banner year for noise pop/rock and it only seems fitting that The Hospitals should be a part of that movement's rise to (admittedly pseudo)popularity. Between this one, Eat Skull and that Goslings record from earlier this year; tinnitus can't be too far in my future but I'm gonna enjoy the fuzzy ride down.

[MP3] The Hospitals - Scan the Floor for Food
[MP3] The Hospitals - Getting Out of Bed

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