Gentleman Jesse and his Men

As I'm a sucker for a good power pop album, Gentleman Jesse's debut hits me squarely in the softest spots of my heart. Formed by Carbonas bassist Jesse Smith and drummer Dave Rahn and put out by the spot on Douchemaster records, this is just a catchy slice of pop with a keen awareness of late 70's provocateurs ala Johnathan Richmond. Acting as a cleaner and catchier counterpoint to his work in the Cabonas, Smith's songs have the kind of instant appeal that begs attention and more importantly begs movement. This is a bedroom dance party type of record, hairbrush microphone fully in check, and that youthful exuberance is the album's most addictive feature. Atlanta's had its fair share of garage fury spill out of its streets lately and along with Memphis its quickly poised to become one of the new favorite cities to trawl for scrappy garage combos. And rightly so, this pop gem along with Cheap Time's (who've also released a 7" on Douchemaster) debut are bringing back the glory of power pop and that can never be a bad thing in my book.

[MP3] Gentleman Jesse and His Men - The Rest of My Days
[MP3] Gentleman Jesse and His Men - You Don't Have To (If You Don't Want To)

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