Burning Star Core

More drones and fractured tones from C. Spencer Yeh, but this time the noise seems more focused than ever before. This change may stem from the fact that though this is by no means the first Burning Star Core album, it is the first to be taken on solely by Yeh himself as a composition. Yeh's recordings under the Burning Star banner have often found him in collaboration around a series of improvisations which though usually interesting, don't always pan out to an excess of beautiful moments. Here though, C. Spence utilizes space and drone bent through his prism of electronics to its fullest potential, wrapping the series of recordings around a central theme and sprinkling this theme with field recordings and harmonic fixin's. The limitation of self for the album seems to work in Yeh's favor and as a result Challenger proves rather ironically to be his most accessible and yet most touching work yet.

[MP3] Burning Star Core - Challenger
[MP3] Burning Star Core - Mezzo Forte

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