Two sides of stripped down blues from Matthew Melton's Snakeflower II. His self-described tag of Biker Psych couldn't hit more on the head. Breathe in the fumes and flip the platter.

Snake Flower II - Talk About It b/w Running From The Night 7"
Thick clouds of exhaust permeate this 7" offering from Melton's Snakeflower II. A super-stripped down howl of blues, this record leaves me eager for more from the cult of the Snakeflower. The A-side's
got all the swagger you could possibly need; hot, lurid swamp rock from the hip. The flip cools down considerably but is by no means cold; a slow burn that creeps up the spine, all late night come down and piles of cigarette ash. The full length is in the works on the same label that spawned this devil (Tic-Tac-Totally) so be on the lookout soon.

[MP3] Snakeflower II - Talk About It

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that song rules! good work!

you know anything about these guys? saw them in philly last night, drunker than hell, but very cool - apparently theyre creating a bit of a buzz :


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