Sun City Girls

If you've neglected the fine work of the Sun City Girls up until now (and I can't imagine why you would have) it's both a good and sadly bad time to get acquainted with the band. Its good because there have been a flood of reissues and recordings dug up out of the woodwork and put into the population for mass consumption. But it's bad because, due to the tragic passing of Charles Goucher, the band will never be at full force live again. Not to spin this in too tragic a light as this release by the Girls culls together some excellent rare material in and around the recording of one of their greatest albums, Torch of the Mystics. The album was originally slated as a double LP with this mostly instrumental material to be sprinkled in among the bits and pieces that make up TOTM. Due to some label difficulties the double album was scrapped and this material made its way out into the world in 7" and compilation trickles. Well, now its all together on You're Never Alone With A Cigarette (Sun City Girls Singles Volume 1). If you're a SCG beginner this isn't a half bad (though not necessarily proper) place to start. The Bishops' strings howl and Goucher pounds heavy as ever. Boundaries are crossed as always but it doesn't trip too heavily into their scuzzed lo-fi or soundscape collage type work. Fans of Sir Richard Bishop's current work could ease into this nicely but then again the Sun City Girls were never about easing into anything lightly. No matter what your level of familiarity, this is a purchase you won't be disappointed with.

[MP3] Sun City Girls - Souvenirs From Jangare
[MP3] Sun City Girls - The Beauty Of Benghazi

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