Steve Gunn

A much needed reissue of Gunn's solo CD from Onomato popping up on Abandon Ship. If you're a fan of Steve's work in GHQ then this isn't too far off the mark, though much more acoustic than his work with them. Seated in a stark haze of plucked ambience and swirling with a touch of foreign soil, the disc burns with the heat of the mid-afternoon sun; rightly so, as the recordings were inspired by Gunn's travel's in Morocco. A sense of displacement echoes through Gunn's playing; a feeling of being lost and at the same time serene in losing oneself. As an added bonus the disc features some beautiful vocal contributions from Heidi Diehl of WWVV on the last track. The reissue comes at a perfect time, as he's just prepping a full length for Digitalis, which after reviewing these tidbits comes with high anticipation.

[MP3] Steve Gunn - Jerone and Jimi Chaplin

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