Silver Summit

A concoction of hushed tones and boiled mysticism from this second Brooklyn entry into the ranks at Language of Stone. The duo have storied pasts, most seemingly out of tune with the bewitched folk they produce but their backgrounds in noise, composition and classical melt nicely into the formula that comes out as Silver Summit. The ethereal voice of Sandra Sun-Odeon adds yet another siren to LOS's ranks, her enchanting croon swimming eerily above a din of middle-eastern strings, burnt cedar guitars and watery pianos. And adding nicely to this mix are the heat strangled fingerplucked melodies of Shawn Bolser; running the length of your spine in tandem with Sandra's voice. This marks the first entry of the label into pressing vinyl and apparently if it sells well the others may get that treatment as well, so grab this on wax and encourage LOS to repress the back catalog as well. This is the kind of label that deserves the slow creep of needles in the groove.

[MP3] Silver Summit - The Door
[MP3] Silver Summit - Water's Edge

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a place in British Columbia called the Silver Summit, speaking of language of stone, its a ring of stones high on a precipice in towering over the douglas firs, and rapids, and pine and green velvet moss caressing the soft steps of the cliff. it is said, in the Squamish Nation, that if you step inside on a full moon, you will lose your soul forever to this guy who has been down in the hole since the raven came and washed the ocean down with fire.

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