Rudi Arapahoe

Mixing decayed field recordings with lonesome piano and bits of vocal passages; Rudi Arapahoe creates ghostly, melancholic worlds of dream and hallucination. Brining to mind the works of Elegi and Erik Skodvin's works in Svarte Greiner and Deaf Center; Arapahoe's pieces mix spectral tonality with layers of worn sound that creak and scrape through the halls of memory. Overtly tranquil for the most part, though the vocal passages deal with decay and loss; it's more of a lonesome or forlorn way rather than the doom that the aforementioned Skodvin or Elegi can bring out of their soundscapes. Where the pieces become more neo-classical, Arapahoe comes closer to Keith Kenniff's Helios, all crumbling beats and raindrops on piano keys. This is the first I've heard from Arapahoe, or his label Symbolic Interaction but I must say that it show's signs of promise to come.

[MP3] Rudi Arapahoe - Dionysian Birds
[MP3] Rudi Arapahoe - Lunar Semaphore (excerpt)

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