Religious Knives

Further excursions into heavy drone syrup from the ever enjoyable Religious Knives. Resin rounds up some OOP vinyl tracks along with a few newbies, including a jam with NNK'er Dave Nuss. Rolling and seething like a ship tossed in a storm, the band move from slow swells of organ fueled dirge to pumping psych fires flecked with kraut-popped percussion. It's hard to judge this as an album with the disparate sources of the original tracks, but no matter what the circumstances the Knives have a fuel for epic organ psych that seeps into your pores like blackened wood smoke. The live tracks definitely showcase the band in their natural habitat, as recordings tend to limit their expansive tendencies. If you missed out on the original issues of these recordings you're definitely gonna want to pick this one up. Hell, its Religious Knives, you're gonna want to pick this one up anyway and check out the live show whenever they roll through your town.

[MP3] Religious Knives - The Sun
[MP3] Religious Knives - In The Back

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