Liz Harris' latest record revives the Type records line up from their hiatus in fine fashion. Peeking forward out of the omnipresent fog that has typically shrouded her work; Harris' voice is gently lifted into the clearing making this her most expressive and emotional album yet. With a title like Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill I'd definitely gone in with dark expectations but it turns out just the opposite is true. This is the lightest and most deliriously dreamy Grouper album yet, and it just so happens that these are all pleasant dreams. With the gentle strums of her guitar and a clearer presence of melody you can really hear the songs that were always hiding in the murk of her previous work. This is probably one of the most gorgeous releases you're bound to hear all year long; achingly sweet, beautifully serene and wholly other. Harris has created the perfect departure from the musty sunlit chambers of her previous work, while still remaining true to the obscured reality she resides in. Absolutely an essential release this year!

[MP3] Grouper - Heavy Water/ I'd Rather Be Sleeping
[MP3] Grouper - A Cover Over

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