Fabulous Diamonds

Fabulous Diamonds bring you post-punk dub from Australia, wrap it around in hypnotic circles and drape it in the chilled honey and steel vocals of members Nisa and Jarrod. Rhythms chug and scrape, echo off the walls in lazy ricochets and float in-between dub-plate synth lines that seethe with the putrid heat of summer. They build on a palette of repetition with wave after wave of woozy rhythm surging the tracks along, each of which remains unnamed and unencumbered by themes. This is music for moonless nights; drunk on restlessness and stung heavy by humidity. The only thing that breaks the sweat here is the occasional blast of skronk fighting the chug like debris caught in current. This has already seen light in their homeland via Australian label Nervous Jerk, but it's just now hitting the states on vinyl courtesy of the ever consistent Siltbreeze.

[MP3] Fabulous Diamonds - Untitled 2
[MP3] Fabulous Diamonds - Untitled 7

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Blogger Charles C Stirk Jr said...

this was totally yummie

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I listened to 55 seconds of this shit before I trashed it.

7:46 AM  

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