Barn Owl

San Francisco's Barn Owl shift into heavier lysergic territory on their latest LP. Their first CD-r captured them in a haze of glossed sunlight but the group goes darker on this vinyl release for the NNF label. Grizzled and shrouded in graying clouds, the band rely more on drones with an underpinning of deep toned fuzz that cuts straight into the collective unconscious. From Our Mouths a Perpetual Light is still riding the desolate canyon vibe but mind you this is a much more sinister canyon than BO last rode through. The foliage is all but shriveled and ominous clouds hang ever present in the skies. The tones are dark and acridly sinister in the best of ways. A dustbowl psych album with a beautiful touch of despair. This band have a lot to offer and this installment into their catalog only proves it further. It seems that the band are ever evolving leaving me eager to see where their high plains sound will wander next. Limited pressing, grab this sucker on white vinyl while you can.

[MP3] Barn Owl - The White Mountain Filled With Light
[MP3] Barn Owl - The Last Parade

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wow. i just scored the LP.

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