Alexander Tucker

With each new album he crafts, Alexander Tucker gets better and better. His latest, Portal, again rising out of the ATP ranks, is steeped in sweet fingerpicked bummer psych and resonating drone. His most melodic release, and probably his most fully formed, this takes the tone he set on Furrowed Brow to its logical conclusion. Tucker is at his most beautiful on the aching "Veins To The Sky," which was also released earlier this year as a special 2x7". The rest of the album is equally captivating, pulling his voice out of the murk and floating it on a sea of strings and soft feedback. His soft touch on strings is always counter balanced by a furious squalor of burnt electric underneath tugging at each other like ink black tempests fighting the rising dawn. What emerges isn't chaotic though but a beautiful middle ground flourishes in the struggle. If this title is any indication this is Tucker's leap to the other side, an awakening into another plane of songwriting and honestly I hope he keeps follows the path he's cut. The album is housed in another great cover drawn by Tucker himself, though ATP would do well to release this one on vinyl which they've sorely neglected to do with his last two records. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

[MP3] Alexander Tucker - Veins To The Sky
[MP3] Alexander Tucker - Bell Jars

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Blogger Unknown said...

These are great. I wasn't familiar with Tucker before. Thanks!

2:04 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

I was lucky enough to see Alexander Tucker supporting Fuck Buttons in Cambridge, it was quite hypnotic.

I hadn't heard Bell Jars before, that was a nice surprise.

I like your blog by the way.

8:06 AM  

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