Abandon Ship celebrates its transition into vinyl with a release of long lost gems from the camp of Starving Weirdoes. No too shabby if I do say so myself.

Starving Weirdos - Absolute FreedomStarving Weirdoes - Absolute Freedom 7"
Harkening out of the murky past of Starving Weirdoes, these two tracks bump and scrape and nodules of ephemeral noise from years past. The A-Side whirls the room with clipped ambience scotch taped together
with tape hiss and huffing the glue that holds it together. The B-side flickers and melts like the burnt remains of plastic soldiers in a continual cadence towards sickening doom. A nice pair of unearthed ooze from the Weirdoes.

[MP3] Starving Weirdoes - Mt. Josephet

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah yeah yeah, but you've forgotten your weekly garage rock songs. Can you get those out ASAP?

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