Raven last caught up with Portland's Tunnels in a bit more meditative form on the Yarnlazer label but here, though the vibe isn't that far removed, he's ditched the drone for some serious bouts of psych dappled noise-folk. Weaving moans and bells with buzzed tones and the scattered remains of amplifier debris into a thick tapestry of forest narratives; Nicholas Bindeman shows his JOMF roots but remains an entity unto himself. This is probably the most expressive I've heard him in a solo venture and the disc moves from churned dark spirits out into sunlit waves of bliss with a natural ease. Then he clamps down the darkness again on the scathing closer, awash with scorched guitar and a surprising turn at vocals. Actually this release really peaks my interest to see more of this side of Bindeman, away from his life of drones. This one's out in a run of 100 from the ever impressive Abandon Ship so don't hesitate to pick one up. Outstanding cover art too.

[MP3] Tunnels - Golden Twigs
[MP3] Tunnels - White Stains

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