Total Life

Much like his contributions to Growing, Kevin Doria's solo outings in Total Life are built upon repetition and a sustained state of consciousness. Unlike Growing though, whose tones could often hit your lungs like a wall of pressure, or their later work that shimmered with otherworldly tones; Total Life works repetition into a frenzied dance that leaves you staring squarely into the vortex. The Ken Bradshaw 12" builds on a theme of buzzing, throbbing waves that sometimes bring to mind scenes from Darren Aronofsky's "Pi". The intense build-up of hypnotic pressure leaves you just short of running for the power drill though, as it syncs with your heartbeat and laps at your ears like 70 mph wind, and that's just side-A. The flip grinds the beat up, gnashing the same pulse from the first side into a dirtier, more bewildering dance of adrenaline soaked, vein throbbing chaos. And pretty much just when you think you've lost control, it breaks like a wave and turns back. I've always loved Growing's output and this certainly peaks my interest for more from Doria solo.

[MP3] Total Life - Untitled Pt. 2

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