Ramses III

This record came highly anticipated around here after the band's last two releases, the short Honey Rose EP and their collaboration with The North Sea. This time around the band has put out an incredible two-disc collection. Originally conceived as only a single album, the first of Basillica/Origins discs contains some beautiful and fragile live improvisations that capture the form and craft that the band employed on Honey Rose. The set plays out like mossy burrows soaked in tree-strained sunlight; calm and inviting with the chilled breeze of spring barely moving the leaves above. The second disc plunges the band's sound deeper into the dirt, as several of the band's contemporaries work their sound sculptured knowledge on the tracks. Featuring re-workings by Robert Horton, Keith Berry, Gregg Kowalsky and Astral Social Club, the second disc often times takes the band's sound close to the glacial edges of darkness slowing down the band's already deliberate pace into sprawling acres of drones and haunted ambience. Probably one of the band's most moving works to date.

[MP3] Ramses III - Origins III - March 31st 2006
[MP3] Ramses III - After The Red Rose (remix by Robert Horton)

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I'm getting this one for sure. Like the tracks a lot. Thank you!

Maybe you like this too: www.fabriksmusik.se

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