The Pink Noise

Another release from the Sacred Bones stable that ignites the torch of melted plastic synth-psych and carries it high; The Pink Noise's brand of scorched pop is yet more reason for me to love this label. Picking up atmospheric strains of pink and turquoise marbled synth-pop from the mid eighties and filtering it through a beat up Ghetto Blaster; the band's sense for melody is keen, but it's their ability to crumple it in all in aluminum foil and microwave the whole mess into flames that really sets them apart. Repeated listens to this peel away the layers and it honestly gets better each time I put it on. A must if you're into any of the last few Blank Dogs releases as this is certainly a kindred spirit to the Dogs' chromium dreams. Gotta keep your eyes peeled for these releases, they come out fast and in short supply but are well worth it for their contents and Sacred Bones' distinctive packaging.

[MP3] The Pink Noise - Ithaca
[MP3] The Pink Noise - Dead Glitter Sun

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Blogger Disco:Very said...

Good god! Everything you've been posting in the last 2 weeks has been KILLER! Do me a favor: please stop hipping us to so much good music because buying all these cool albums is making me go broke.

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