The Jukebox is in great form this week. A heavy emphasis on all things snotty, young and straight from the garage floor; with a double shot of history from two San Antonio bands who came together to form the more well known band The Children.

[MP3] The Easybeats - Sorry
A great single from these Brits (by way of Australia) who went on to craft a great many more garage stompers in their time. "Sorry" starts out with a great scratch of strings and thunders on through a tale of missed connections. Completely unhinged at least by the early 60's standards. It's that scratch that keeps this one pulsing the whole way through before it devolves into some great nonsense outro. Absolutely essential!

[MP3] The Smoke - Don't Lead Me On
Just when I think I've absorbed all the greatness The Smoke has to offer, they always seem to surprise me. This track came on the other day (and mind you I'd owned this one for a while but completely overlooked it) and the driving beat and impassioned vocals blew me away in typical Smoke fashion. One of the quintessential bands of the 60's right here!

[MP3] The Stoics - Enough of What I Need
The Stoics were a young, brash San Antonio garage combo who blew onto the scene with their single "Hate", they penned a few more before splitting in a disagreement. Members would go on to be in The Argyles and finally the better known The Children. This shows the band in their full glory, tightly wound and full of fire. Too bad it couldn't last.

[MP3] The Argyles - Still In Love With You Baby
Will Ash from The Stoics was invited to join The Argyles shortly after the demise of The Stoics, their sound was more melodic and less snotty but they still had the raw and loose garage spirit. This one rides along the easy strum and popcorn snare but with some pretty catch vocal harmonies adding a bit of sheen. The band would also undergo several personal changes before mutating into the heavier The Mind's Eye and finally The Children. Whew!

[MP3] The Lords - Shakin' All Over
We'll cap things off with a track from Grermany's, The Lords. I've always loved this band's take on classic garage. They have an ability to get a sinister feel out of any track and the German accent adds just a touch of unfamiliarity to a standard. This version of "Shakin' All Over" has a dark, loungy almost exotica feel to it and its absolutely great.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wonderful, as usual.

Next week, can you do a post on some of that proto-metal? You've got a knack for picking out the best ones

1:33 PM  
Blogger Erika said...

Just as a heads up, you can find the entire The Smoke album on Thee Head Vein. But I'm sure you already knew that!

9:41 PM  

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