In an era when the single ruled the radio bands were often heavily obscured by fleeting chart success. In some cases this was more warranted than others but it often left much of a band's catalog dismissed or forgotten behind the strains of their gifted and cursed "hit".

The Music Explosion - Little Bit O'Soul
Very few people wouldn't recognized the opening bass notes to The Music Explosions' ubiquitous hit "Little Bit O'Soul". This slice of Frat-ish garage rock has been worked over and played into the ground and though
the band were produced by a team who's more famous credits include the advent of Bubblegum, their catalog is too often quickly dismissed. The band had an energy and swagger that matched their knack for melody and 'from the hips delivery'. "Little Bit O'Soul" seems tame compared with the gritty yelps of "Everybody", and sure they may have lacked much original material but, that didn't mean they couldn't tear into a nice slice of Garage Pop. The band's second charting single "Sunshine Games recalled a balls-yer Cat Stevens and this compilation of their material is nothing if not enjoyable. Alas, it seems the band will always walk in the title track's shadow.

[MP3] The Music Explosion - Everybody
[MP3] The Music Explosion - Jack In The Box

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The Troggs - Trogglodynamite
In a completely other league rested The Troggs, who's name for most brings only the sweat and swagger of "Wild Thing" to mind. Though championed and immortalized by the likes of Lester Bangs, the band is too often dismissed without deeper
listens into the band's catalog, which is a tragic shame. Equally adept at wistful teen love odes like "Last Summer" as they were on gritty punkers like "I Want You To Come Into My Life"; the band were masters of pent up sexuality and pushing the limits of its expression in the 3 minute pop song. You can feel the urgency in every bit of the latter types of tracks, which by all accounts are certainly their best. Underneath it all though the band were solid songwriters and sorely overlooked ones at that. Their catalog is rife with pop hooks and the begging seeds of punk and power pop. They're just now getting more of the recognition they deserve but it's still an uphill battle over Oldies radio and their obsession with the band's signature "hit".

[MP3] The Troggs- I Want You To Come Into My Life
[MP3] The Troggs- Give it to Me

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

good stuff. Nothing like straight up garage rock.

The Troggs are one of my top 5 garage rock groups, along with groups like The Sonics and The Monk. Can't go wrong with them

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks! My favorite Music Explosion song (by far) is "I See the Light," the B-side of "Little Bit 'o Soul."

11:10 PM  

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