Following close on the heels of last year's epic Burning Off Impurities, Grails have etched another dark Byzantine foray into forgotten civilizations and the darker caverns of the heart. Each of their records comes closer to becoming not only cinematic panoramas but sprawling worlds unto themselves. In the five songs that make up Take Refuge In Clean Living you can feel the oppressive heat of the sun, choke on the dust of forgotten roads, and become lost in the deafening roar of unfamiliar voices that pack the crowds around you. Grails have achieved what most if not all instrumental rock has been striving for in the past years; total immersion into the senses, creating a tangible world from each note they play. Its become so that every record the band releases makes me even hungrier for the next as the story never seems complete, only the chapter at hand.

[MP3] Grails - PTSD

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fyi. i think they're splitting up. word on the street.

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