Awesome Color

Still riding the MC5/Stooges vibe high and paying tribute to their Michigan roots, Awesome Color follow up their S/T Ecstatic Peace debut in strong fashion. Electric Aborigines feels more produced than their previous effort but certainly not over thought. Packed full of stomping bass and the steamroller chug of electric guitar this album reeks of raw blood and carbide; the acrid smoke of Detroit and Flint is fast seizing your lungs by the time you're barely three tracks in. Further on the trio seem to have also raised the ghost of Bon Scott, echoing prime period AC/DC slow burns on tracks like "Taste It". Electric Aborigines seems to be a call to arms for the rock album, reminding a nascent rock audience that for all the genre's posturing it does well to remember that the best rock sweats yesterday's stale beer, inhales sex and exhales pure axel grease.

[MP3] Awesome Color - Step Up
[MP3] Awesome Color - Taste It

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