The "Secret-Eye House Band" Black Forest/ Black Sea returns to shred their strings for your amusementt and general state of higher consciousness.

Black Forest/Black Sea - Portmanteau 10"
Seems like all has been quiet on the BF/BS front for a while so this 10" comes as a pleasant return. The A-Side is a caterwauling din of strings and scuzz that plays out like
a clean psychotic break; tumultuous and calming in the same instant. While the flip side, delves deeper into the broken consciousness quasi-spiritualness of eastern strings and dissonant twangs. The release features their same line up from last year's Terrastock and is released in nifty silver-screened covers. Ltd. to 500.

[MP3] Black Forest/ Black Sea - Gemittarius

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posted by dissensous at 10:24:00 AM


Blogger KLEK$$KLEK said...

this is going to sound lame, but i am a sun sign gemini and moon sign saggitarius... so i got all excited about this...

11:45 AM  
Blogger Steve said...


Thanks for posting the Black Forest/Black Sea tune. I was going to buy the 10" from the website link you provided, but it turns out they are sold out.

What do you think about posting the flip side of 'Portmanteau'? It would be much appreciated.

I'm a big fan of both Black Forest and your website- thanks for your great taste & the mp3s!

12:26 AM  
Blogger Miriam Goldberg said...

hey steve -- we still have copies of the 10". you can order them direct from secret eye here: http://www.secreteye.org/se/blackforestblacksea.html#a37

6:34 PM  

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