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Must be something in the air, or just the imminent season change, but it seems like the perfect time for the sweet hum of acoustic strings. Sean Smith has been serving up great solo guitar pieces for a little while now, even adding a few tracks to Tompkins Square's Berkeley Guitar album back a bit, but now he finally lets a few others into the fun and crafts one of his best albums yet. Eternal, out now on Gnome Life Records, is Sean's first collaborative effort. This time 'round he's joined by Spencer Owen, Adam Snider, Fletcher Tucker, and Angela Hsu and while the sound is fuller and the forest vibes deeper that's not to say its become in any way cluttered. The addition of new voices only further buries Sean's tradition deeper into the psych drenched vibes reminiscent of so many of SoCal's best artisans. A gentle scutter of percussion, the lonesome wail of cello and the occasional burst of ozone fried distortion added to Sean's plaintive and strident picking make this a very welcome addition to the genre. The LP is limited to 300 so if you want to hear this in its most complimentary environment I'd hurry, otherwise the album will soon be issued on CD as well.

[MP3] Sean Smith - Polak Paneer
[MP3] Sean Smith - Holly

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I have been to several of Sean's shows including one promoting Eternal, he is an amazing musician and extraordinary composer.I'm pleased to see him getting a post out here in the digital realms.

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