A little touch of the garage from the East to the West. When the wave took over no country was safe from the effects and these two bands were prime examples of the best rising talents in any language.

The Eyes - The Arrival of The Eyes
Though the Eyes owed quite a debt to the moves of The Who, their brash take on the Mod form was in many ways younger, louder and dirtier than Townsend and Co. ever let themselves get. Maybe the best part of this dependence/debt though
is that the band make no attempts to distance themselves even penning the mock reaction "My Degeneration". This was only the band's debut EP but it delivered a ferocious punch right to the jugular. If there were ever a batch of songs that aptly brings across the Mod/Freakbeat era it is contained right here. The primal thump of battered drums, the skitch and stretch of strings alternated with brash hooks. The originals fetch a heavy sum but there have been some decent CD reissues containing the sum of this release. If the Eyes aren't in your collection they damn well should be.

[MP3] The Eyes - I'm Rowed Out
[MP3] The Eyes - When The Night Falls

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The Mops - Colezo! The Mops
A bilingual explosion of Japanese pop, garage and anything scattered between. The Mops take the influences of their American and British counterparts and spit back the Cultural Explosion of the 60's through Japenese eyes. Featuring
some great takes on classics from The Doors, Jefferson Airplane and others that sound as foreign as they do familiar interspersed with the band's originals that kick with humor, fuzz and rumble bending further into a psychedelic syrup. The band's goofy theme song "I'm Just a Mops" is pure psych-soul fire and and a bizzaro twist on the Doors "Light My Fire" is more than worth the price of admission. The band went on to open up doors for a host of bands to follow them and still they sound surprisingly relevant today. Pick this one up.

[MP3] The Mops - I'm Just A Mops
[MP3] The Mops - Somebody To Love

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's something restrained about the Mops "Somebody to Love" cover that I find really charming--like the singer is trying so hard to hit the notes he can't relax enough to let loose.

I'm not sure if you answer comments, but if you do, what Sunn O album would you recommend as an introduction to the band?

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff. Both off the Nuggets II compilation I noticed. Both highlights of the collection I think.

Keep going with this kinda stuff. This is what made garage rock amazing

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

always with the good stuff. the one and only. i have been meaning to come and check out the dj show, dissensous. i'm so close, so count me in, one of these nites.

12:06 AM  

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