The Jukebox grabs more from the garage this week. The box careens around the U.S., takes a dip south of the border and ends up with a psychedelic take on an American Legend who didn't fade into total obscurity but you've probably never heard him like this.

[MP3] Human Beinz - Two of a Kind
This Ohio group traded in some of the same gritty garage fodder that was omnipresent in America in the early 60's but they take a sunny detour on this jangle down rocker of a tune. Very pleasant but utterly driving and catchy, country pleasantries meet youth catharsis as this one ends in the destruction of the Honky Tonk piano that drives the track along.

[MP3] Creation of Sunlight - Seven Times Infinity
Creation of Sunlight take the sunny vibes to a natural environment. This California fuzz pop band rollick with the best of them on this high harmony pumper that devolves from pop to blues with a decent guitar/piano break and back again with the flick of the horn section. The band didn't cause much of an impact but this one's got gusto.

[MP3] Rupert's People - Hold On
Rupert's People really only released 3 singles and are known to most collectors for their psych-pop hit "Reflections of Charles Brown". Hold on skews away from the light trappings of Charles Brown and into much harder territory. With heavy leads and an surging organ this is the track the band should have gained fame from. Guess it just got lost in a sea of other hard chuggers in 68.

[MP3] Laghonia - Glue
A long overlooked South American band that while rooted in Beatles/Yardbirds styles, obviously had the power and potential to kick it up and melt some wires. This track from their LP of the same name benefits from some great wah-wah work and impassioned leads in the guitar department, turned sweet and sweaty by a driving rhythm section and classic rock vocal affectations. This LP has demanded collectors prices but as a whole this is really the top of the album.

[MP3] Cubby Checker - Stoned In The Bathroom
Ok so Chubby Checker, familiar territory right? The guy penned "The Twist", passé been there eh? Well in the early 70's Checker, urged by Ed Chalpin, the producer/"businessman" who made quite a living off of some purloined Jimi Hendrix residuals entered the studio with the idea of crafting a psychedelic album. What came out of these sessions were some mixed results that can be considered nothing short of an oddity and the lazy Sunday ode "Stoned in the Bathroom" is right up there with any of the bizarro products of the 60's. This ain't your mommas Chubby Checker.
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