Indian Jewelry

On first listen I'd have little trouble believing that this is not the same band that created Invasive Exotics, and I suppose for the most part that could be true. It seems that members come and go, add and subtract amongst the group and though that particular piece was my entry to the collective and a favorite of their output, I won't hold it against them. "Free Gold!" the collective's official follow-up to said Exotics is a warmer, hazier affair that brings out some of the band's Sangles era buzzier guitars, hot flash vocals and heat wave synths. Rhythm is in some cases non-existent, folding instead into the steamed tropics of songs like "Walking on the Water" and "Overdrive". In other cases the beats fall like hammers behind the bubble of bass and synth quaver that cascade over the majority of "Free Gold!". Ultimately though, it seems that the sinister touch of nihilism washed through the burned wires and nicotine clouds of this album still closely echoes the band's past. On the whole I'd have to say I miss the disjointed beats and strangled guitars of the last album but I applaud the band for not feeling a need to recreate it.

[MP3] Indian Jewelry - Temporary Famine Ship
[MP3] Indian Jewelry - Overdrive

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