Ilya E. Monosov

Yet again, Greg Weeks' Language of Stone label continues to skim the best and most interesting folk releases, placing Ilya Monosov's full-length in great company amongst the other dark gems he's put out in the last year. The Rocky and Bullwinkle-esque title of Seven Lucky Plays, or How to Fix Songs for A Broken Heart seems almost lighthearted compared to the hushed, dark delivery that awaits within. Monosov's voice feels so close to your ear that you can almost feel his breath with each note adding nicely to his twilight song-writing style. Aptly aided by some choice Language of Stone past and current contributors, Seven Lucky Plays sees Weeks lending guitar, Jesse Sparhawk adds mandolin and harp and Margaret Wienk (Fern Knight) brings a touch of strings to the album. This fourth entry into the plaintive and yet somehow brooding works that make up LoS is just another brick in the foundation of what I hope will be a longstanding tradition for Philly label.

[MP3] Ilya E. Monosov - The Burning Flame
[MP3] Ilya E. Monosov - I'll Live My Live Without Pain

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