Gangpol Und Mit

Gangpol & Mit cut and paste broken toy beats and speed soaked cartoon collages like the mocking bastard shadow of Jason Forest gone loose in a nursery school. The duo craft dizzying assaults of aural tweak that twist you like Absinth-flavored pez. The concoctions start out mostly on the overly cute side but quickly spiral into an area where the cuteness starts to blur into a delightedly wicked set of claws straight out of the most horrifying anime. Cutting voices faster than Prefuse 73 at his height and eating at your brain like creepy temporal lobe leakage from the clouded past the duo certainly have a knack for bending more than circuits. Not to shed this entirely into the creepy light though, Tournent en Rond does have its share of beautiful moments but as I said under the right conditions they act as respites between the chaos of the rest of the album. The duo's cut and paste aesthetics seep into their graphic design and video work as well, making them a media assault to be reckoned with, and speaking of sorts, this 12" also wins for creepiest accompanying cover.

[MP3] Gangpol & Mit - Police vs Pharaon
[MP3] Gangpol & Mit - Le Panorama/ Elect(R&B)ic M[e_i]ssy Pandaiiï v2

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