The Drift

It seemed to me like The Drift's debut Noumena and accompanying 12"s fell too hard on deaf ears, which is a shame because they've totally eked out a sorely needed niche in the instrumental rock cavern. Though their fluid dub is not entirely akin to their Temporary Residence brethren, their penchant to keep their instrumentals sprawling doesn't exactly keep them out of the party either. However, where some of the rest of the roster tend to focus on tessellations of tension and release, The Drift soar along on an ashen cloud of horns and jazz inflections that play out like a long lost noir film score. On Memory Drawings it seems that the sun is always just descending on the horizon, and though there is tension; it is always overshadowed by a knowing coolness of temperament that cruises with one arm on the wheel, hat brim low and tires buzzing on the pavement. The years on the road separating these two albums have only made the band tighter and more intuitive to each others nuances, and quite honestly I hope that Memory Drift doesn't fall by the same wayside as its predecessor.

[MP3] The Drift - Uncanny Valley

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