Billy Bao

Nigerian ex-pat Billy Bao wound up in Bilbao, Spain with an intense urge for song-writing and a brutal style. However, it wasn't until he hooked up with the ferocious pound of Alberto Lopez and the blistering noise of Mattin and Xabier Erkizia's guitars that "Billy Bao" the band was fully formed. Take punk, or your notion of punk in its grittiest most visceral form and inject it with the dirt and sweat of frustration, a primal notion of song form and very little regard for anyone who may be listening and the results are a return to rock n' roll. This is rock as the Godz saw it; talent bows to sheer intensity, and listening to Dialectics of Shit I know that somewhere in his grave Lester Bangs is smiling while this screams on the speakers. Mattin's guitars are harangued at best, strangled and shredded more often until they become another percussion instrument right alongside the pummel of Lopez' skins. Bao on the other hand delivers in total atonality, there's a melody, but it's the sheer conviction and what might only be described as catharsis that comes through. This is one of the damndest things I've heard all year (and remember the Goslings appeared here not more than a month ago) but seriously as off-putting as this description may be you've got to hear this because Billy Bao couldn't give a shit if you do and that in itself is beautiful.

[MP3] Billy Bao - Tight Ass Bleeds
[MP3] Billy Bao - My Life is Shit

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totally agree, best record of the year!

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