As could only be expected of the Jukebox, there's a heavy smattering of garage tracks this week but just for balance or maybe good measure it finishes out with a bit of a breezy gem from the West Coast. What's not to like about that?

[MP3] The Golden Earrings - Now I Have
The Dutch band that later became famous for "Radar Love" (as Golden Earring) is a bit lighter here but no less affecting. A sinister garage number with some impressive action on the guitar. That the band evolved and lasted so long is a testament to their abilities, though I'm still a sucker for their early teenage rantings like this.

[MP3] The Birds - Leaving Here
Not to be confused with the West Coast Byrds, this British group helped usher a harder era into the garage sound and this unrelenting number is no exception. A heavy punch of rumbling bass and a clatter of drums propel this track way outta obscurity and roaring through your speakers. This was definitely a sorely overlooked combo.

[MP3] The Eyes - Not Fade Away
More great stuff from The Eyes. This later single kicked out a shuffle blues side to the band and with that Bo Diddly stutter beat and the chug of harmonica this was a great slice of garage-blues from these Mod stalwarts.

[MP3] The Artwoods - Things Get Better
Speaking of great Brit/Mod groups, the sorely uncelebrated Artwoods, brainchild of Ron Wood's brother Art Wood could keep up with any competition from the fervent club scene at the time. They just couldn't really break out of it. Ah well this track is a pure stomper that shows just why the band deserved more attention and acclaim.

[MP3] Country Funk - Apart of Me
And just to keep the box from being too mired in the garage, here's a bit of West Coast flavor to end things light. Country Funk isn't exactly the most telling name for this group, who in truth shared more with the Byrds or CSN than any funk group. But light harmonies and an alternation between breezy acoustics and heavy leads make this a great shot of harmonious 70's rock.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent. This is the good stuff. More of this kind of hard garage please!

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One should note that The Birds was Ron Woods band

2:47 AM  
Blogger alpo said...

I downloaded the Country Funk track a while ago and just wanted to say thanks for the track, and your great taste. I saw them often in Amherst, Mass. If you ever see any of their other tracks around, please let us know! Thanx.

2:03 PM  

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