Woods Family Creeps

Well not much better news could come down the pipe than another record from the Woods/Meneguar/Shepherds camp. This time Woods make room for one more in their tent, expanding to a trio in the form of Woods Family Creeps. Still riding the bedroom vibe high, the band are the current kings of lo-fi. Constantly on the balance of din and pop, when the tempos are pushed a bit into pop territory some brief and shining moments emerge but just as you settle in the melodies evaporate into the night. But the thing about Woods is that when those beautiful moments elevate themselves out of the pots and pans percussion and close mic-ed 4 a.m. clatter, they are some of the most heartfelt moments being laid to tape around. This time though WFC is hoisting the psych flag high. The burn of tape-hiss and detuned excursions into dusk-dawn fever swirl around the scattershot catchiness, shifting like moments of lucidity in dream. Damn fine stuff if you ask me.

[MP3] Woods Family Creeps - Twisted Tongue
[MP3] Woods Family Creeps - Sleep Sleep Sleep

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are these guys from Portland (ME)? If so, do they play anywhere?

1:15 PM  
Blogger dissensous said...

They're actually from NYC. They play around here often, usally in combination with Meneguar (two members are also in that band) but I don't know how often they actually tour. I know they'll be down at SXSW but that's a far cry from Portland. If they do come up that way be sure to catch them 'cause its always worth it.

12:14 AM  

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