White Rainbow

An extension of the great work Adam Forkner lays down on Prism of Eternal Now, this five song EP secures his place as the Northwests foremost purveyor of kraut-dipped psych. Propulsive and burbling with synths and pedal drenched guitars, Sky Drips Drifts is as impressive as anything in Forkner's catalog. The repetitions become mantras drifting you in and out of awareness of the music and sometimes even consciousness; making this one perfect for late nights, early mornings or ominous storm watching. All the noises in Forkner's palette swirl in dizzying patterns, but in warm, intense almost giddying flashes, never in a way that would nauseate. Sky Drips taps into a childlike preoccupation with repeated sounds, like humming to yourself incessantly as a 4 year old and spinning around until your balance unhinges in a delightfully uneasy way. Pick this one on its own from Portland's Marriage Records, or with the vinyl version of the aforementioned Prism of Eternal Now.

[MP3] White Rainbow - Sand Sift

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