Tompkins Square sheds light on this overlooked 70's steel string wizard, with his works popping up on their wonderful "Imaginational Anthem" series and this masterful 7"

Suni McGrath - Seven Stars b/w Fantasia 7"
Suni released three albums on the small Adelphi label between '69 and '72 and then pretty much went unhead of until recently when Tompkins Square (which is quickly becoming the modern day Takoma)
featured some of his work on Imaginational Anthem, a compilation of fingerpicked guitarists. This 7" was originally issued around the time the first compilation came out but you can get one now with the current edition of Imaginational Anthem Vol. III which continues in the same vein as the original comp. Suni's playing is technical but very warm and not overly showy, which can sometimes derail the intimacy of fingerpicked work. Both tracks on this 7" are sunny and unpretentious and I'd highly recommend this or any work from Suni.

[MP3] Suni McGrath - Seven Stars

Support the artist. Buy it HERE (get it free with Imaginational Anthem Vol. III)
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Blogger Yair Yona said...

This is beautiful. I'm so excited that a new Imaginational Anthem is releases soon. I saw Tompkins Square are releasing all of James Blackshaw back catalog which is great.


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