Suishou No Fune

Another ghost trail out of the Japanese psychedelic scene; Suishou No Fune's ambitious apparitions lap at the edges of space and time, leaving listeners delightfully stranded in the stratosphere. Prayer for Chibi is ambitious to say the least, spanning two discs with most tracks coming in around the 15 minute mark. This release pushes the psych-spiritual connection to new heights with chant-like vocals resting on a bed of echo-dipped guitar while tone ringlets ebb and flow through drones like serene waters crashing into sudden walls of restrained fuzz. The mood swings from mantra-like incantation to frantic visions and back to cooed lullabies as if it was the most natural cycle. Leave it to Holy Mountain to excavate the best of the Post-PSF scene and hurtle them onto American shores.

[MP3] Suishou No Fune - The Rain Falls

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