Mount Eerie

There has always been a certain amount of dissonance in Phil Elverum's work; he's no stranger to noise, but volume, that's another story. Since he moved out of The Microphones banner and into the land of Mount Eerie his tastes have run more to the line of folk than rock. So it does seem a bit of a, well the word isn't shock but pleasant surprise maybe, to hear Phil push the volume and crank the tempo a bit on his latest release, Black Wooden Ceiling Opening. It still revels in the dark moodiness that marks all of Elverum's work but this time when the tensions peak, a crush of guitar surges through the feedback and breaks loose in crusted savagery and good old fashioned catharsis. Hell there's even a few songs that are downright catchy. In light of the upcoming reissue of The Glow Pt. 2, this seems like a perfect time for Phil to throw himself back into the tattered fray of rock, and I for one am glad he has.

[MP3] Mount Eerie - Domesticated Dog

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