There's been some well deserved hubbub around Tel-Aviv's Monotonix. The band has grabbed heavy support from Will Oldham whom I'm sure had a hand in their landing on Drag City. Their latest molten shot of thick garage fuzz is is the Body Language EP which is out in late April but I've got a feeling this may get a little more anticipated since the band just tore up Austin last week. The band's sound is comes straight from the blood-stained garage but every once in a while just dipping their guitars into the ghosts of Metal's past. They have a reputation for heated live sets and its easy to see how the songs translate into chaos on that level as they barely hold to the rails on record. Aside from the relative talent, intensity and charisma coming out of every orifice of this band; singer Ami Shalev sports one of the best rock mustaches seen since the hey day of David Crosby. If this is just a taste of the beast that is Monotonix, I can't wait for a full-length.

[MP3] Monotonix - No Metal

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