Little Claw

Ecstatic Peace has a way of sneaking out great releases to little fanfare. Sure some of the bigger names get bandied about but they do have a great habit of sliding out some gems that just don't get the adulation they deserve. Portland (by way of Michigan) scuzz-poppers Little Claw are definitely one of these gems. Spit and Squalor Swallow the Snow slunk out of the stables at the tail end of last year but I didn't stumble on it until finding them on fellow MI heroes Tyvek's myspace. Anyway they're a completely obvious choice for the Ecstatic Peace stable; noisy, unpolished and rooted in great nineties rock aesthetics. This is a Bikini Kill by way of the Raincoats style euphoric pop mess that's just as much scuzz and growl as it is hazed and shoegazed as it is gristled jangle punk. With an assured and feminine delivery the band's singer/guitarist Kilynn is definitely one to watch now and in the future. Those jumping on the Times New Viking truck should double back and pick this one up quick and in fact I'm almost surprised that Siltbreeze didn't have a hand in this. Released on vinyl only as if you wanted a CD anyway. Seriously, don't hesitate to grab this one!

[MP3] Little Claw - Movies For You
[MP3] Little Claw - Brackish Stratum

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