Kria decides to put the tape machine in forward on this release for the small Japanese label Afterhours, with some excellent results.

Kria Brekkan - Wildering 7"
Following the reactions to Kria and Avey's album last year (befuddlement, disappointment, outrage, malaise) this 7" sees the former Mum-ster in full form again. Steeped in creepy ambience with her otherworldly voice floating in
nothingness above the din, "Wildering" is a true weird gem of a track. Followed up by the almost interlude-like "Pickup Sleepy" and backed on the flip by "Go¨mul vi´sa um vorid" a charmingly icy lullaby that's haunting and delicate with just the right amount of spookiness to keep it from becoming too precious. Hopefully this is the start of Kria's solo outings and from the sound they could be quite interesting indeed.

[MP3] Kria Brekkan - Wildering

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent! I've been waiting for Kria to release some of her own stuff. Thanks for the tip-off.

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