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With what seems like little fanfare, Jack Rose has a wonderful new album out. This time 'round skewing the solo-picker mentality and shacking up with a few collaborators to produce the seemingly lost in time, Dr. Ragtime & Pals. Featuring Glenn Jones, Micah Smaldone, Mike Gangloff, Harmonica Dan, and Sean Bowles the album treads in the American Roots type folk that Rose is famous for, but the addition of players on harmonica, banjo and washboard kick the olde timey factor up to an almost barn dance level. No fear though this never becomes a gimmick, it just puts Rose in the context he may have always been looking for. As his solo pieces can sometimes become exercises in virtuosity, this context allows Rose to become part of the band, granted an extremely talented focus of the band, but a part of something larger nonetheless. For purists there are still a few classic Jack solo pickings but the collaborations are what really tend to shine. Feeling like a long uncovered gem this is a really bright spot in Rose's already beaming catalog. Seems like its only available via digital outlets for now, which may explain the lack of fanfare. The album will be released on Beautiful Happiness, April 15th as a double disc backed with a reissue of his S/T album which has been out of print for a stretch.

[MP3] Jack Rose - Fishtown Flower
[MP3] Jack Rose - Walkin' Blues

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Blogger Yair Yona said...


That's wonderful news!
can't wait to listen to the whole album. Jack has been a true inspiration to me and what an arsenal of guests! Micah and Glenn are amazing!

Yes, as you can tell, I am excited!

here's a little piece I wrote, dedicated to him

Sympathy For The Jack

10:09 AM  
Blogger Yair Yona said...

Oh yes, and the link itself...


10:10 AM  

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