HEALTH kick in an entry to the Suicide Squeeze 7" series with Perfect Skin, grabbing the remix treatment from Curses.

HEALTH - Perfect Skin 7"
I'm still not sure what to make of the HEALTH//Disco phenomenon. On one hand I love that HEALTH record from last year, intense rhythmic psych with a shot of spazz but throw a typical indie-dance beat under it and it seems to lose
some of its immediacy. "Perfect Skin" is a dark brooding track off of the eponymous record and so far the Curses remix on the flip of this 7" seems to be the only one that's worked for me. The beat stays just shy of the dance floor and keeps itself buried enough in yhr dirt to be a benefit to HEALTH's style. This ongoing 7" series from Suicide Squeeze that has a pretty superb line-up going, more info on the series HERE

[MP3] HEALTH//Disco - Perfect Skin (Curses Remix)

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