Fern Knight

Another beautiful piece of dark magic from Philly's inner circle. Fern Knight is the guise of songwriter and gossamer voiced singer, Margaret Wienk. This is the most fully formed and devastatingly potent album she's done under the Fern moniker yet. Her voice hangs unobscurred and terribly assured above the harmonic scrabble of sun baked guitars and harrowing strings, played amiably by a group that includes Jesse Sparhawk, Jim Ayre and James Wolf. Recorded by PA-Folk ringleader extraordinaire, Greg Weeks and put forth by VHF, this certainly has all the right pieces to the puzzle. Despite the cast and crew that bolter this production though, it really is Wienk's voice and songwriting that shine on this eponymous album. When the tone is somber, her voice captures you in its sadness but never lets you feel pity and when the mood turns light, it pulls the sun from every corner of the room like drawing a shade. So far its been quite a fair year for folk but this is definitely the strongest folk release, and more to the point one of the strongest records I've heard all year. This is definitely one to anticipate. Fern Kight's S/T is out May 6th.

[MP3] Fern Knight - Bemused
[MP3] Fern Knight - Loch Na Fooey

Support the artist. Buy it HERE (link forthcoming, check back soon)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both songs are absolutely beautiful! A million miles ahead of her first album already.

Thanks so much for posting these songs & can't wait for May 6th!

3:24 PM  

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