Ex Reverie

Another great release from Greg Weeks' Language of Stone, his quickly rising folk label that picks the best of Philly's fervent folk scene. Though Philadelphia's crusted interior seems a strange place for such an enclave of great folk, a quick trip a few miles outside to rocky hills and cobblestone cottages make albums like The Door into Summer seem right at home. Ex Reverie is the work of Gillian Chadwick, who has until now comprised the second half of Woodwose with Jessica Weeks. In this incarnation she keeps the emerging Language of Stone tradition of witchy lost-era folk that haunts the past as much as it moves into the future. This is not quite as evil/sweet as the last LoS release, Orion Rigel Domisse, but it has many of the same somber string touches and strangely ominous keys that made that one memorable. Chadwick's voice is picked straight out of the Pentangle/ Fairport era folk set; and mixed with Weeks' guitar and keyboards that seem at once out of place for their squeezed electricity and at home due to their panic ridden cries, she soars like modern enchantress she portrays.

[MP3] Ex Reverie - Dawn Comes for Us All
[MP3] Ex Reverie - Clouds? Or Smoke?

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