Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month

It's probably no secret around here that I love the output in and around the Jeweled Antler Collective and I'm sorry if I've posted endlessly (sorry doesn't mean I'll stop) about Glenn Donaldson Side Projects. This time though its fellow Skygreen Leopard, Donovan who's splitting off into tangents. Within the Leopards it always seemed that Quinn played straight man to Donaldson's bushy bearded countenance, looking himself a bit like a stranded 15 year old. Though I suppose no one associated with the Antler could really be called a straight man, especially not one who'd self-inflict the name Skygreen Leopards. Anyway... Donovan's hooked up with a few in the circuit, including Jason Quever (of the Papercuts) and Karl Bauer (of Axolotl) and on October Lanterns he proves that he can stand out of Donaldson's shadow and warble with the best of them. Very much in the Leopards' pastoral earnest tone, his songs seem a bit more driven and a bit darker than his work in the past. Whereas the Leopards seem to relish the sun and ease into the day, Donovan's candor is just a bit more urgent. Though, this urgency doesn't keep him from seeming to enjoy himself and hit those skewed psych-folk vibes that spread out like clouds over the most desolate hills. I'm definitely interested to see where Quinn goes next.

[MP3] Donovan Quinn & The 13th Month - One Thousand Matchsticks
[MP3] Donovan Quinn & The 13th Month - The Guttering Flame

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just a note: this album is old. recorded in 2002 just before Skygreen Leopards "one thousand bird ceremony" and features no side musicians. Karl Bauer & Jason Quever are on the new stuff.

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